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TOM ARABIANS Arabians Horses Polish


by Lidia Pawłowska, December 2003


Grey Stallion , ar. 1990, Breeder. Janów Podlaski
Sire Line:Ibrahim
Dam Line:Wołoszka ur. 1810

  Owned by Haras de Cardenas ,Santa Ynez ,California Polish National Champion Stallion 1995 All Nations Cup Class Winner 1995 Poznan International Champion Stallion 2002 Region II Champion Stallion 2005 Santa Barbara Champion Stallion 2005 US National Champion Top Ten Stallion 2005 Sire, Grandsire, and Great Grandsire of World, National, and International Champions.


Ecaho  (Pepton x Etruria)
fot. S. Vesty


In March 1990 years in Janow Podlaski stud hosted participants held ECAHO Congress in Poland - European Arabian Horse Organization. A stable transition by Side, some information from the rich history of the state's oldest horse in the Polish lands, show sires, a short walk through the stables, riding the famous clock in the background ... Probably look like this visit, but today no one remembers the details - outside one event.

The visitors have gone to the Stables labor. Standing in her mares waiting for wyźrebienie and mothers with the youngest offspring, among them titled
Etruria -Youth Champion Horse Saloon in Paris in 1978 (then informally corresponded to the title of Junior Champion of Europe and the world), the World Champion Mare in 1982, Champion and Reserve Champion of Europe Polish 1988. Pride stud, at the age of several years occupied a place of honor next to the most deserving Janow mares, such as during a parade of culture on the first Polish National Arabian Horse Show in 1979. Particularly liked by the Director Krzyształowicz was presented almost all guests stud - always made an excellent impression, showing a thrown head erect, like a banner tail, flowing trot, as if it does not touch the ground. So it was almost certain that this time she will be in the spotlight.

Etruria  (Palas x Etna)
fot. archiv

 Then fifteen Etruria already gave eight successful foals, including : Enaria -title-winning Top Ten Championships in Canada (1985),Etogram -later Polish Champion and Best in Show National Babolna International Champion, Champion of Norway and Sweden and International Champion Blommeröd, Etman -Sweden and later Champion Reserve Champion International Blommeröd and beautiful Esparceta, which proved to be a valuable mare, a mother of three impressive stallion. But such a foal, as in 1990, Etruria has not given

Just a few days colt was released from the mother to the circular. Dark, almost without variations, with the white right front pastern and small spots on the lips, alongside milky Etruria presented very well. Extremely handsome, with a high degree type and rare bouquet of space wowed guests. Although each of them has seen many a beautiful foal, agreed that in the future, this boy will - even as a stallion - shine, and as the star should wear a unique name. If any of the ladies present (today no one remembers that) proposed: Ecaho. All this idea to the liking. A colt that grew great, a few months later, such was the name - chosen by the participants of the Congress ECAHO - was reported to the Polish Stud Book of True Blood.

Ecaho - Janów Podlaski 2002
fot. S. Vesty
Breeders Janow guessed that this is complied with a follower of the family, the son better than his father, sire, that carrying in itself valuable in Polish breeding genes can pass on this potential.
The pedigree Ecaho occurred notorious,, Diamond Cross '', which is a combination of blood
Palas - by his mother - the blood Bandos -by his father, sire Pepton, derived from the invaluable Janów line,, P ''. Pepton - considered the most important next Eukaliptus  Bandos epochal son, Race Horse of the Year 1981 Award winner and Comparative Janow, Polish Champion stallion almost statuesque build, long, beautifully embedded neck and great charisma - was valued by farmers, and visitors to the stud left very impressed.



Pepton  (Bandos - Pemba)
fot. Z. Raczkowska


 But Ecaho surpassed his father, which probably influenced a large beauty mother. His silhouette irresistibly associated with the image of the Arabian horse ECAHO used in the logo as well as the logo WAHO. Looks like the pattern of Arab stallion, Ecaho presents the most distinctive and best features of the family of Ibrahim db

Ecaho - Janów Podlaski 1999
fot. S. Vesty

 Let's go back to 1907, when Joseph hr. Potocki brought to Antonin grey stallion, purchased from the dealer in Odessa Arabic. It was an eight year old Ibrahim, born in a Bedouin Sheikh Abdullah Obdurahama in Hedjar near Damas. He gave origin to one of the most important families of men, who is endowed with a wonderful bouquet of Arabic, sought-type and sublime beauty. Vladimir Wnukowski, araboman and one of the founders of the Polish Arabian Horse Breeding Society, as it presented:

,,, Original Ibrahim was very noble and typical, with a beautiful, expressive head, nice neck, well rounded ribs, properly placed your feet and with a very loose motions. The progeny of Ibrahim has a nobility, dryness, beautiful heads, necks with a characteristic light, simple binding of cross-dorsal vertebrae and tail haughty contact shoulder. '',  
Unfortunately, Ibrahim and most of his offspring met a tragic fate. Horses hr. Potocki were cruelly murdered by the Bolsheviks. Ibrahim's son escaped the Holocaust Skowronek, one of the most valuable mares from Antoniny Jaskółka,who a few years before it was sold to England.

Skowronek  (Ibrahim x Jaskółka) and Lady Wenthworth
fot. archiv

 In 1913, he bought him living in England, an American millionaire, Walter Winans. In England, the stallion has changed hands three times until it came to Lady Judith Wentworth, horseback Crabbet Park. Lady Wentworth often presented it at exhibitions. Unbeaten, for many years, won the most important trophies and aroused admiration. With the Crabbet mares gave excellent offspring - typical, very noble, with a bouquet of beautiful swan heads and necks clear, well-connected, bony and ... gray. Ushered in a new era in the Arabian horse breeding. He was particularly valued by breeders, and his fame soon reached the US. His descendants easily gained enthusiasts in the US and exerted an enormous influence on the Arab breeding in this country. In the middle of the last century, the importance of Skowronek for cultivation in the United States was not comparable to the role of any other sire. And at the end of the century was the Arabian Horse World magazine listed among the five stallions with the greatest impact on American breeding Arabian horses. 

His blood spread also in the Soviet Union after the 1936 to Tersk Stud state in the Caucasus brought over twenty horses with Crabbet Park, including Naseem -Skowronek son, greatly resembles his father. Nassem associated with Janow Taraszczą,abducted in 1939 to Tersk, he gave in 1945 grey Negatiw -dry, correct and very handsome. Our breeders who have been successful offspring Skowronek watched around the world, we were able to bring to the country Negatiw first son, stallion Nabor,and then - in 1962 - the same Negatiw. Soon legendary Janów Bandolaits greatest son was born - Bandos. Bandos,leaving a galaxy of outstanding mares and stallions continuing some work has led to the flowering of more than half a century ago lost against Ibrahim db source And after years, it turned out that his grandson Ecaho impressive appearance, resembles the silhouette of the famous ancestor - Skowronek. Arabic delightful bouquet, beautiful head, dark, big eye, milky white fur, tail and wonderful cottage is fantastic, swans bent bow, long neck. Replica alive! Actually, modern edition ...

Ecaho as Skowronek on Parade (2001)
fot. W. Pawlowski

 Less than a year after his return from the race training, Ecaho was reported at the National Show in Janow. He was one of the youngest stallion, but made the biggest impression on the judges, who awarded him high marks: for type - 9, 10, 10, head and neck - 9, 10, 10, for the log - 9, 10, 10, the legs - 9, 9, 9, for movements - 8, 9, 8 (10-point scale). From the point of evaluation 46,33 Ecaho won the Polish Champion. This fall, took a Nations Cup in Aachen, where he won his class 4-6 year old stallions. Then a long time did not participate in the shows. Until late as 2002 I was graced with the presence of the International Arabian Horse Show in Poznan. Again wowed the judges, who awarded him the maximum marks for type and head and neck (6 x 20 points). This performance reminded of dowry Ecaho - after years still arresting bouquet and type. But more important is that the offspring Ecaho went in his father's footsteps

Ecaho in the first stall barn Frontal (2003)
fot. L. Pawłowska

 After two years of training on Służewiec Ecaho went to stud at Michaels, where he was the mares in the 1995-1996 seasons. In the first yearbook Ecaho born among Champion later, wonderful Emanda, comely Esturia and Elwia,sold in 2003, the highest price auction - 140,000 Euro. In 1996, she was born too Janów Olita,whose mother was sent to stud to Michałow. In total Ecaho left in Michałow 28 foals, of which only 9 fillies. While Michałów vintages began to try their hand at shows, Ecaho moved to Białki, where he spent the next two seasons (1997-98) covered several mares, including some from private breeders. Since 1999 Ecaho was leading in maternal stud. The largest group of its offspring was born in Janow. Among the three generations of young people who have already had the opportunity to watch the shows, deserve special attention: Salar, Palmeta & Alhambra.(sale 140.000E "pride of poland 2014)

Emanda  (Ecaho - Emanacja) - Michałów 2002
fot. S. Vesty

 By far the most successful demonstration of a group of young Ecaho has won Michałów Emanda.Fantastically presented as a two year old, which resulted in titles: Białki Reserve Champion Filly, Polish Reserve Champion Filly, Champion Filly at the international show Babolna, Champion Filly Nations Cup and first place in the class of two year old fillies European Championships in Moorsele. In the first season after returning from the race training Emanda was less fortunate. Winning in mares 4-7-year-old in Blommeröd (the highest score - 92.33 points) and second place in the 4-6 year old mares at Janow (92.66 points), despite the very high ratings judges is not enough to win another title. However, in the next, 2001 years Emanda reminded of how wonderful family comes. Reserve Champion was first Nations Cup and European Reserve Champion in Verona, in Paris close season winning the most important trophy - World Champion sash. In 2003, she won the title of Reserve Champion Polish, and the class of the mares presages that time has not yet seen it among the best.

Olita  (Ecaho - Orawa) - Janów 2002
fot. L. Pawłowska

 Peer Emanda, Janów Olita can not boast so extensive list of successes, but it is undeniably one of the best young mares. Very feminine Alytus, with dry, noble head with a clearly szczupaczym profile, fantastically long and lovingly of cut neck, striking movement and a wonderful disposition, has its fanbase. In 2002, the Champion Blommeröd Scandinavia, and the highest score of the show (93.67 points, including a 3 x 20 for type, 3 x 20 for head and neck, and 2 x 20 for movement) received the trophy for the best horse show - The Walker Trophy . A month later in Janow, in the fierce competition, won,, only 'second place in the class of 4-6 year old mares, but received very high scores 93.67 points, which consisted of the maximum marks (after 3 x 20) by type, for head and neck and movement. In the same year in Paris was among the 10 best mares, going into the final battle for the title of World Champion. Surely the mare did not say the last word.

Salar  (Ecaho - Saba) - Białka 2002
fot. L. Pawłowska

 In the first foals Janow Ecaho yearbook was full of fashion colt Salar , who was highly regarded even as a cottage. As a yearling won his class in Bialka and took second place at the show in Warsaw. As a two year old in Bialka was second in the class, and in Warsaw won his class and was named Reserve Champion Stallion. He is currently a training race, where a great job


The real star was a year younger than the Salar PALMETA.As a yearling she was second in her class in Bialka and the first in Janow, each time to give high marks for type, head and neck and movement (9 x19). It was also Champion Filly and Best Horse Show in Warsaw. Autumn occupied high positions in classes at major European shows - third in the Nations Cup and second at the European Championships in Moorsele. In Paris, took part in the battle for the title of World Champion Filly.

Palmeta  (Ecaho - Pilica by Fawor) - Janów 2003
fot. W. Pawłowski
Even greater success next year. First, the assessment of Bialka 92.33 points (including 2 x 20 for type and 1 x 20 for movement) easily won her class to the next day to win the title Champion Filly. In Janow again received 3,, twenty '' (2 x 20 for type and 1 x 20 for head and neck), and was selected Polish Champion Filly and Best in Show Horse. Before leaving for training race even took part in the European Championships in Verona, taking third place in the classroom.

This exceptional filly with incredibly beautiful head, Pike's profile gazelle eyes, swollen, black nose and a swan's neck, is in itself so much charm that quickly gained wide circle of admirers. For sure, they will eagerly wait for her return from Służewiec and ... continued success.

Palmeta  (Ecaho - Pilica by Fawor) - Białka 2003
fot. L. Pawłowska
Exceeding one hundred offspring Ecaho group, obtained from a number of very different conformation and pedigree mothers, including private breeding, provides a broad and thorough its use. Despite the relatively young age Ecaho inevitably approaching the moment when, due to the large pool of descendants, would have been less active in the Stud. Certainly, he would still be appreciated and admired, but gradually would become an attraction for visitors. And that continues to exert a great impression - both on the uninitiated, as well as on the Arabian horse expert, began to think about help promote this stallion abroad, where he had got the chance to connect to multiple mares with very different pedigrees.

Willing to purchase the horse was so impressive many. Stud already received the offer when it was not intended for sale. In the past year it was concluded that it is time to sell it favorably. Among the several offers (from breeders from three continents), by way of hard bargaining selected one that guaranteed the best promotion and widest use in breeding stallion. The condition has also ensuring maternal stud possibility of using his sperm so that in the coming years could repeat the best connections. The choice fell on the breeder from sunny California, where among mares waiting for Ecaho so much has Polish roots. When the deal was finalized in late autumn, it's time to say goodbye

Ecaho the sincere forgiveness
fot. S. Vesty


In a quiet, sunny morning in late November at the stable was pulled Riding Side. Ecaho quietly stepped in and set off on a long journey. Sadly said goodbye to him growers and workers Janów Stud. After he left the horse-symbol.


Remain in the memory of his characteristic, statuesque figure - like pattern Arabian horse as a sign ECAHO ...


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