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TOM ARABIANS Arabians Horses Polish


by Lidia Pawłowska, January 23, 2005




Grey Mare ar. 1975, breeder Janów Podlaski
Sire Line :Saklawi I
Dam Line:Wołoszka ur. 1810

                                              Bred & owned by Janów Podladski, Poland.

-World Senior Champion Mare
-World Junior Champion Mare
-European Senior Champion Mare
-European Junior Champion Mare
-European Reserve Champion Mare
-Polish National Champion Mare

Died June 11, 2006 ( at 31 Years ) 



Etruria  (Palas x Etna)
fot. archiv


It was a great year. In 1975, Janow stables were born horses that permanently etched into the history of Polish culture. But among them two stars shone truly unearthly glow - Pilarka and Etruria. These daughters imported in 1973 from Tersk stallion Palas, which in three quarters Egyptian pedigree currents brought fresh blood to the Polish stock, opened a new era.

Palas  (Aswan x Panel)
fot. M. Gadzalski

On the citation of merit stories appearing in the pedigree stallions Palas Aswan and the Nil. For assistance in building there Assuan on Nil, President Nasser of Egypt gave the then Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev stallion Raafat, who was named a souvenir Assuan Aswan. Aswan first became unused in the breed and somewhat by accident in 1965, went to stud at Tersk. There turned out to be a very valuable sire. After 19 seasons left more than 260 offspring. His name is in the pedigrees of many excellent horses. It is one of the most important Arabian stallions of the last century.

Stallion Nil went to stud at Tersk in 1958. Unfortunately, two years later he fell, leaving only as 16 offspring. However, even this rate strong enough to his selection in the breeding of Arabian horses (even by Palas).

Palas  (Aswan x Panel)
fot. M. Gadzalski

Young Palas was first leased by the Polish stud, and then in 1974 - bought. Despite some shortcomings habit, passed on to offspring exceptional dryness, beautiful head, expressive, black eye and uncommon bouquet.

Etna  (Faher x Elżunia)
fot. Z. Raczkowska

In 1974, born in Stud Albigowa yet, but already reared in Janow Podlaski Etna certainly was classified as one of the best mothers in the stud. She has several successful daughters, among them Etiologia, later his mother deserved Etażerka,, and several stallions, including Etan ("Top Ten" Championship of the United States in the classroom English Pleasure), Etiw ("Top Ten" U.S. and Canadian championships in class English Pleasure) and above all, handsome Etap, as it would soon be - a valuable sire. Opacity good mare is always associated with high hopes, but with equally great uncertainty, even if the choice falls on the great sire. RAS Palas Etna less than a year later, on 23 January 1975 grey filly born - Etruria. Director Andrzej Krzyształowicz already had to know that the choice was apt

Reliable Etna in subsequent years gave more stallions Eternit (leading in Polish stud farms, leased to France, Marseille Champion) and  Etnograf (leading in Polish studs, sold to Sweden), and a beautiful filly Equitana - Polish Champion Filly. But the most precious of her descendant was to prove just Etruria.

very young Etruria in the winter hair
fot. M. Gadzalski

Thair type of Etruria has a very young mare stud delighted guests. She liked to show - tail hung like a banner and flowed at a trot, almost touching the ground. Written her career was a demonstration.

According to the Polish breeding program, two-year Etruria with the same age went to the racetrack, stables,, Frankfort'' led by coach Joseph Palińskiego.Mr.Tomasz Szymanski recalls how,'' noted Serve it on during breeding surveys. Certainly shared his opinion with the Director Andrzej Krzyształowicz, his former supervisor from the time practices in Janow. Director must have, moreover, serious plans for Etruria, because although he avoided early withdrawal of horses from the track, this time taken quite a unique decision to shorten the training mares. After less than a year, having behind just two starts, three-year Etruria returned to the studs. And in the directory noted:,, 19.10.1978 departed for breeding (show in Paris)''.

"Winter'' Etruria trot
fot. M. Gadzalski

Later that same year, Etruria began its triumphant march through the demonstration arena. Polish team for the first time then went to Paris for a Living Horse, organized since 1971. Held in the framework of the Arabian horse show soon became the most prestigious on the continent international show, in which also participated horses from overseas. The first European Championship was held in 1973 in Verden. Then, for many years, replace'' him, though informally, just Parisian Salon. In 1979, in the framework began to officially play the European Championships, and a year later - one after the other, European and World championships. This formula Salon remained until 1983.

This 1978 years Etruria won the class mares three years, and then turned out to be a best in the finals, earning honorable title of Champion Filly Horse Salon. Practically, he was considered for the title of European Champion and so it was presented in many sources.

Once again, Etruria went to Paris in the memorable 1981. Director Andrzej Krzyształowicz, who did not like to leave the stables, thinking that he should not leave the horses, also in the same year, was not accompanied by the Polish team. Fantastic Pilarka then won the European Championships, before Michałów Zazula and World Championships, before the mare Aliha from the UK, and Etruria was third. While the Polish team was returning from France, the country began to martial law. Television showed tanks and armed soldiers on the streets, phones did not work, and the best Janow mares were out of the house ... Director even after years mentioned hours waiting for their return. A year later made ​​an exception - he went to Paris, but it was the only time he appeared on Salon Horse.



Etruria soon after winning the '82 World Championships
fot. N. Zalis

From those events have passed a lot of time and a lot has changed. Then the economic gulf that separated our country, the real world'', disrupted the Polish team access to the mundane, as if today might seem, measures. However, as mentioned witnesses of those first shows, all it did not matter, especially since the atmosphere among exhibitors was great. A fragment of the relationship you Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka best evidence.

All four mares in good shape, we are optimistic. However, we realize that the competition is strong, and the result is a lottery of refereeing. Furthermore, due to the long winter coat our look mares preferably less than others. Many weeks of treatment, such as holding the blankets and brushing a little help. Sorry, we have no hair clippers. With the help comes our friend and partner, Mr. Jorgen Frederiksen stud Blommerod in Sweden, lending us a razor and his American "groomgirl'', which within two hours changing our mares not to know, the clipping mode maintains skillfully heads, necks, legs and lower abdomen.

The final clash at the World Championships, which came nine mares, won Etruria. She has 323 points - one more than last year and three more than the Reserve Champion mare Orla II of Spain. Silver plated cup meter high, founded by the patron saint of the show, the King of Morocco, Moulay Abdallah, went to the hands of the Director Krzyształowicz - smiling and moved

World Champion '82 and Director Andrzej Krzyształowicz
fot. N. Zalis

The triumphant return of her daughter from Paris did not survive until her mother, Etna - died Dec. 3 at age 23.

Not once told that Polish mares is easier to win shows abroad than in the country, when Nationals to Janow Podlaski attracts the best of the best. Etruria over the years did not compete in Janow. In 1988 he entered the lists to reach for the top trophy. September 13 milky Etruria received the ring. The judges gave her two maximum assessment - 10 for type and 10 for movement. And needless to say that this day has not showered generously, dozens''. Only one horse outside Etruria was thus honored - Janów Angola, the daughter of Palas, received 10 points for the type. Etruria went out of the ring with the highest sum of points (43,66) and, of course, has been selected Polish Champion Mare. It was a beautiful summary of the bands success, but not yet definitive closure.

Etruria, Algeria, Europa, Borowina - in 1997
fot. Z. Raczkowska

Ms. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka remembers performance Etruria at its next show.

1988, Champion of Europe - Frauenfeld, Switzerland. Small town, about 100 km west of Zurich, known for beautifully situated racecourse and the famous baroque monastery of the OO Cloister. Polish,'' team was represented in the class of older mares - Etruria and stallions - Endel, which is probably why it was only the Reserve Champion, because, for some unknown reason, very excited, he kicked one of the judges.

The show was held at the beautifully maintained green straight race track in front of a large crowd filled the bleachers . Etruria without the slightest effort won her class and qualified for the championship. Presentation in the game Janów . Do not forget this ever. Etruria looked like phenomenon - a silvery- white, with this wonderful shade of blue, which only gives the horse Arab black leather , luminous , large black eyes , distended nostrils . Trotted in a straight race , and actually flowed in the air , well led by barely wake for her this book . With a highly entrained in the neck , drinking the wind, thrown over the back of a silver plume tail - beautiful , proud , free ... Grandstands were all the rage , people stood up to us was breathtaking and damp eyes. I guess no one had the slightest doubt of who gets the title of European Champion 1988 . And here's a shock! Title Champion judges awarded chestnut mare of Russian origin , rather mediocre beauty . Etruria title of Reserve Champion ! Indescribable tumult rose , whistling , stamping of feet - insane. Quite like the last World Championships in Paris . But it was undisputed Etruria , '' Queen of the European Championships in Frauenfeld.

Etruria - autumn 1999
fot. W. Pawłowski

The impressive list of successes, however, would be nothing if Etruria has not proved an outstanding mother. Mares class has already confirmed its first offspring - gray Enaria the Aloes. Sold at auction Polish Ovation for 520,000 USD in the same year, pleased by the new owner, earning the title of "Top Ten" Championship of Canada.

Etogram  (El Paso x Etruria)

fot. L. Pawłowska ETOGRAM

The next foal, Etogram grew at a statuesque beauty stallion. Three-time Reserve Champion Polish (1991-92-93), Polish National Champion and Best in Show in 1994 and the International Champion Babolna of the same year, during the lease in Sweden to the collection titles are added, trophies Champion of Sweden and Norway (1996) and International Champion Blommeröd (1997). The most widely used in the home stud left here a few great mares and stallions, the youngest of whom, Eutin is now called. breeding reserve.

The combination of Aloes, repeated three more times resulted in the birth of successful mares, which, however, were exported. 

Another stallion Etman, right after a very good racing career - first in Białka Awards (Sabellina) and Skowronek, the second in Comet Awards and Bandos, third and Comparative Bandola Awards (as a three year old!) - Was sold to Sweden. In 1992, he won the National Championship this country, and four years later was chosen reserve champion international show in Blommeröd.

Etman  (Gil x Etruria)
fot. M. Larsson

The only daughter of Etruria, which switch the mother line in the stud, Esparceta the mother valued Eria and three stallions: Eksport, Espadero & Esculap. Unfortunately, died prematurely.

Etruria already occupied the position of one of the most prized mares in the stud, when in 1990 she gave birth to a special foal - full type and style colt by peptone. Just at that time held in Poland ECAHO Congress. The participants visited the Janow Podlaski, and visiting a stable maternal able to see a small child in Etruria. Etruria - mare on duty'' always shown guests, because I always smartly presented in motion - and this time also was released on the catwalk. And as always flowed at a trot, and behind it - the colt. The scene made ​​a big impression on audiences who, trusting that as successful foal must grow up to be a wonderful stallion, chose his name - Ecaho.

Ecaho  (Pepton x Etruria)
fot. S. Vesty

Ecaho blossomed into an extraordinary stallion, an imposing figure and a bouquet of whom must be a separate story. He was the leading stallion in three studs - the Michalow, Bialka and Janow Podlaski. He left in their beautiful mares, such as the World Champion Michałów Emanda or bred at Janow Polish National Junior Champion Palmeta. His young son Salar has just started his breeding career. Ecaho before it was sold to sunny California. Delicious at least as much as his mother, now celebrates Polish breed of the ocean.

Among the last descendants of Etruria is also a full sister Ecaho - Epifraza that leaving the stud two promising filly, was sold at the last auction.

Etruria at 30 years of age
fot. L. Pawłowska

Etruria was one of the most beloved mare Director Krzyształowicz. When he died in 1998, the stud of the most cherished by him were even Algeria and Europa. But that Etruria had a special place in his heart, and she walked him in the last journey.

Today is the last mare with, old flock'', probably the last of the famous 1975 vintage "Janowska", scattered around the world and the oldest (next to two peers) mare in Poland (*). 

(*) Postscript:

The text was, in addition to Etruria in Poland were still alive two mares with a vintage 1975 - Nejtyczanka and  Wiorsta breed in Kurozweki Stud.

In August 2005, PWKW leading Polish Arabian Horse studbook admitted Etruria WAHO Trophy.


                                   Etruria left quietly in the morning of 11 June 2006.


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