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By Lidia Pawłowska, March 2003




PROBAT PART 2  FATIMA by Negatiw product with Probat : Ferrara - ETAZERKA by Bandos product with Probat : Ewa  PENTODA by Bandos product with Probat : Pestka - ENERGIA by Bandos product with Probat : Endynia - ZAZULA by Negatiw product with Probat Zuela - Zula - EUNICE by Comet product with Probat : Euterpe - EMISJA by Carycyn : Enrilo - DEFILADA by Bajdak : Dora - Dymisja - ELANA by Elf : Egzotyka - KAMA by Eleuzis : Kameleon - ANGOLA by Palas : Anglia  PILARKA by Palas : Pina - DRAPERIA by Gedymin : Drabik

PROBAT PART 3  ( PLISZKA by Gwarny product with Probat :  plisa - ALGERIA by Celebes product with Probat:  alegro - almeria -ELEWACJA by Celebas product with Probat :  ewancga - algreta -ESTRELLA by EL Paso -product with Probat : Errlis - Estella - GLOWNIA by El paso product with Probat : Garnizon - PASCHA by El Paso product with Probat: Parentella - MITRA by Celebes product with Probat : Mitrega -



Bay Stallion, ar. 1975, Breeder . Blommeröd
Sire :Line Kuhailan Afas
Dam Line : Scherife

 Bred by Blommeröd, Sweden. Stood at stud at Polands State Studs; Michalow and Janow Podlaski 1979-1982 and 1986-1987. Swedish National Champion Stallion. Sire of Piruet (World Champion twice) Fawor (World Champion) and many other champion offspring. Exported to Meadow Wood Farms, USA, in 1988. 9,375% of Crabbet breeding. Died February 2005.


That´s probably the best mare ever breed by Blommeröd Stud was the Probat daughter Pruszja in 1980? Pruszja was 1983 Swedish National Junior Champion, 1985 Swedish National Champion and Skandinavian Champion Mare. Sadly she died after an accident in 1990. Her first foal Proszek by Algomej was exp. to Altana Arabians, Germany.
That four Probat daughters have been National Champion Mare in Sweden? Prusnega 1982, Pruszja 1983 and 1985, Prosba 1990 and Nautica 1997.
That Probat was imported from Sweden to reinforce the COMET - KUHAILAN AFAS d.b. line in Poland.
That Probat in Poland became chief sire of the Michalow and Janów Podlaski State Stud, siring 154 registered offspring?
That Probat stand for two times in Poland? 1980-1984 and 1986-1987 That Probat stand in 1985 in his home stud Blommeröd Arabstuteri in Sweden?
That Probat sold in 1985 to Lasma Arabians? The sale agreement included a provision that Probat be returned to Poland for the 1986 and part of 1987 breeding seasons.
That Probat stand since April 1. 1987 permanet in the USA? That Dr. Eugene LaCroix imported Probat to the USA?
That since Februar 1988 Probat owned by Jack and Loyal McMillan, Meadow Wood Farm, Snohonish, Washington?
That Probat stand since 2002, at age 27, at Sherwood Forset Farms, George Altenburg, Sebastopol, CA?

That the first Probat descendants in Poland born in 1981?
That two Probat descendants winning the Derby and two winning the Criterium Stakes? Dalida in 1985 and Pamir in 1988 the Derby. Errlis in 1986 and Boryslaw in 1988 the Criterium.
That six Probat grandsons (Dziewierz, Batyskaf, Gepard, Dekor, Druid, Gafal) and one granddaughter (Sarmacja) winning the Derby in Poland?
That the Probat daughter Estepona winning the Oaks in 1988?
That his grandson Millenium (Almir-Tatarka/Probat) winning the European Prize Stakes 2003? Millenium wins also the Comet- and Ofir-Stakes and was the best racehorse in Poland in 2003. He was double Probat breed, his great great grandfather on his fathers site was also Probat. (Almir-Alt-Pamir-Probat)
That Probat´s grandson Gafal (Pamir-Gradka) winning the Polish Derby 2002? Gafal was breed and owned by polish private breeder J. G³owacki.
That his great grandson Gorec (Druid-Gordaia) winning the Polish Derby 2003? And also the European Prize Stakes in 2004 and 2005?
That Probat´s great grandson Don Carlos (Ganges-Decyzja/Pamir) winning the Polish Derby 2005? Don Carlos was breed by Michalow.
That 11 Probat sons used as breeding stallions in Poland?
That Garnizon was the first Probat son get Polish National Champion Stallion? (in 1987)
That altogether three Probat sons -Garnizon (in 1987), -Fawor (in 1990) and -Pamir (in 1993) get Polish National Champion Stallion? That his son Fawor was his most winning show descendent in Poland? Fawor was Polish National Junior Champion 1982, European Junior Champion 1982 and also World Junior Champion 1982. In 1990 he get the title of Polish National Champion Stallion.
That Gil (in 1986) was the first Probat son get Polish National Res. Champion Stallion?
That Fawor (died 2005) was the last Probat son remain at Polish State Studs?
That the Probat daughters Almeria (in 1985) and Pistacja (in 1990) get Polish National Junior Champion Mares?
That his son Piruet was his most winning show descendent world wide? Piruet was twice World Champion and European Champion Stallion.
That the Probat daughters Egzotyka (in 1991)a Empressa (in 1998) and Gaskonia (in 2006) get Polish National Champion Mares?
That the Probat daughters Pikieta (in 1987) and Pistacja (in 1993 and 1994) get Polish National Res. Champion Mares?
That Dalida - Derby Winner and mother of race legend Druid; and Gaskonia - mother of Grafik and Gaspar, were the last two Probat daughters remain at Michalow Stud?
That Euterpe - mother of Polish National Champion Mare Eula; and Pinia were the last two Probat daughters remain at Janów Podlaski Stud?
That Probat´s son Pamir (at age 16) sold at the Polish Prestige Sale 2000 for $100.000 to Paulo Bilyk, Brazil?
That only 4 Probat daughters remain as broodmares in the Polish National Studs in 2003?
That Probat sired more than 650 foals in the United States?

That Probat died at age 28, January 15, 2003? He will be unforgettable for all Polish Arabain horse lovers.


fot. Zofia Raczkowska
When the cold winter 2003 Janow mares foals were waiting in quiet, swathed in snow comforter stables, far California ended grandfather and great-grandfather life many of them - Probat memorable. Thanks to him, a great source of Kuhailan Afas db Poland experienced a period of great prosperity.

Kuhailan Afas db was imported from Bahrain in 1931 by Bohdan Ziętarskiego, head of studs in Gumniska, belonging to Prince Roman Sanguszko. Purchased as a yearling together with seven other horses, arrived in Europe in the last,, imports to Europe of the original Arabs of the desert '. In Gumniska left only seven foals. Lost in the tragic 1939.

With two sons Kuhailan Afas included for breeding, after the war among the extended Bad Afas. His phenomenal grandson, the son of Janów Carmen - Comet stallion born in New Manor, a favorite director stud, Joseph Tyszkowski, considered by many as the greatest stallion breeders bred in Poland after the Second World War, has left a beautiful mare 50 - Precious emanating femininity and charm . He gave a 26 stallions, of which as many as 24 were sold abroad, expecting better from his father's son. Unfortunately, Comet died prematurely at the age of just 11 years old, and his sons from among the five used in Poland, none brought up a successor. Breeders were faced with the vision of the expiry of the family.


Comet phenomenon of the XX century
fot. z archiv Stud

 One of the sons sold abroad Comet was Michałów-bred Pohaniec. In 1970 he went to stud Blommeröd in Sweden. In his new homeland has won the title of Champion of Sweden (1972), Champion of Europe (1976) and Best Stallion of the Year (1977). In 1979, the Head of the Department of Horse Breeding, the late Mr. Adam Sosnowski Blommeröd visited to investigate the possibility of leasing the Pohańca by Polish stud, to save the family Kuhailan db Afas Unfortunately, the prospects for such it was not because the recurring lameness virtually excluded from breeding stallion. Fortunately, Mr. Sosnowski spotted in the stable of young, inconspicuous yet, a bay son Pohańca. He was just Probat. 

Pohaniec  (Comet x Planeta)
fot. z archiv Stud
Very typical, with a beautiful head with a broad forehead and huge eyes, with a long, nicely shaped neck stood out Probat nearly perfect calibration log positioning the top line. This legendary log Borexia inherited from his mother, Champ Sweden, called the Queen Blommeröd,, '', born of Polish parents - after Janowski Exelsjorze from Albigowa Bogoria.

Mr. Sosnowski immediately realized that the stallion was what was needed Polish culture and began negotiations. As a result, even in the same year came to Probat Polish for four years. 1980-1981 seasons spent at Michaels, and the next two years - in Janow Podlaski. Offspring that were born after it was so good that in 1986 reiterated the lease and Probat Michałowa arrived a year later Janow. Left more than 160 foals. For cultivation of 22 of his sons were enrolled, of which 11 were used in the country.

Probat as a young stallion in Blommeröd
fot. Eva Günther
At Michalow, where he gave 51 fillies and 46 colts, for breeding mares included as many as 40. The most distinguished are:

     Dalida - derbistkę 1985 mother Druid's phenomenal on the track Daisy , Dajana and Demona;
     Egzotyka - Polish Champion (1991), the mother of Egna, Escalopkas and Egzonera;
    Gaskonia - mother stallions Schedule (Reserve Champion Stallion and Champion Stallion Polish Warsaw 2002) and Gaspar (Polish National Champion Stallion in 2000, Champion Stallion from Warsaw 2001 and Reserve Champion Stallion of Wintzenheim from 2002);
     Empressa - Polish Champion (1998), the mother of the stallion Emrod - Polish National Champion Stallion in 1998, Champion of Sweden (2001), Reserve Champion Stallion Vilhelmsborg (2001) and Reserve Champion Stallion of Poznan (2002).

It should also be mentioned mares:

     Diana - Polish Junior Reserve Champion (1983), sold at an auction in Scottsdale Ovation English in the USA (1985) for a record price for Michałowa USD 1,200,000;
  Pikieta - Polish National Reserve Champion (1987), sold for $ 160,000 to the US (currently in Halsdon Arabians in the UK), winner of the prestigious titles on the shows - Reserve Champion Mare in Wels (1994), Champion Mare and Best in Show in Blommeröd (1994), Champion international UK Towerlands (1994 and 1997), Champion Mare Nations Cup (1997), Top Ten World Championships in Paris (1997);
    Gradacja - sold for $ 300,000 at an auction in Scottsdale Ovation English in the United States (1985);
     Dywizja - sold for US $ 165,000 to the United States;
     Ferrara - sold for $ 160,000 in 1986.

Probat horse with excellent topline
fot. Jerry Sparagowski -photo at Meadow Wood Farm (USA)
mong the stallions born Michaels qualified for breeding or sold directly after training at TWK until 16. They were:

     vintage 1981:
         Despekt - leased in the years 1985 to 1988 to the US, sold in 1990 to France;
         Donald - exported to the United States;
         Enrilo - Used Michaels, exported to the United States for US $ 110,000;
     Fawor - Polish Junior Champion, European and World Champion of 1983, Polish Champion in 1990, very good racehorse, including international winner of the race for the Cup Animex; hid in Janow and Michaels, was leased by Paramont Arabians (USA), by Silverdale Arabians (UK) and used in the private breeding in the country; father brave horse racing and most of all - the winning horse shows, one of the two main (next Janowski Pamir) family successors;
         Filipek - sold;
      Gil - Polish Champion 1986, Reserve Champion Stallion Open Masters from Ostend 1989, used in Janow Podlaski and Michaels, father, among others outstanding racing mare Triple- Sarmacja; sold to the United States;
         Gwizd- leading in 1986-88 in Tersk (USSR); exported - currently at stud Jadem Arabians (Belgium);
     vintage 1982:
         Drabik - used in the Michaels, then scrapped;
         Errlis - including the winner Comparative Awards (1986), sold;
         Garrison - Polish Champion of 1987, Michaels used, exported to the United States for US $ 300,000, winner of the Top Ten US Horse Park in class;
         Wermut - leading in Bialka and Kurozwęki, the father of the brave horse racing, such as. Dziewierz - Derby winner 1993; exported to the United Kingdom;
     vintage 1987:
         Demagogue - exported in 1991 to the United Arab Emirates;
         Polder - sold;
         Wigwam - exported to Sweden;
         ZLOTOGLOW  - used in Bialka, leased to Italy, the father of the brave horse racing;
     vintage 1988 (from breeding mares sent to Janow):
         DOKER - sold.


Fawor  (Probat - Fatma)
fot. Jerry Sparagowski
Unquestionably the best son Probat, bred in Michaels proved Fawor. Dwulatek,, winning everything '' immediately drew the attention of foreign breeders. Soon after the success in Paris Michałów stunning received several offers to buy his height colt, which, however, rejected. Fawor Polish culture was needed.

After the end of the race training, Fawor arrived in Janow Podlaski Stud. From the teachings herein mares made perfectly. Already in the first yearbook foals included such stars as:
  • Pilot -stallion very well built, with a beautiful, ,, dry 'and shaped head and a great log positioning, winner of the title Polish Junior Champion Stallion (1988), Champion of international shows - Skandinavian Open and Towerlands in 1996; bought in 1990 by Paolo Gucci, now owned by Halsdon Arabians (United Kingdom), which in 2000-2001 released his maternal stud stallion;
  • Borek -Racing Champion in 1990 and 1991, winner of 6 races registered, including Janow Awards and Prizes Michałowa, the second in the Derby and Comparative, used in Kurozwęki, Michaels and private studs;
  • Albigowa -priceless mare herd, the mother of a very comely mare: Albona, Altona & Amra - Polish National Junior Champion and Best in Show (2002);
  • Esparceta - mother stallions  Eksport, Espadero  & Esculap;
  • Sasza -UK Champion twice (1993 and 1995) - the only horse since the Skowronek, who managed to win the title twice champion of the country.


Fawor, hiding in Janow in subsequent years, repeated success. He gave : Albula -Junior Champion Mare of the Show Michałow, Polish Youth Champion of Janow and Best Horse of these shows, or my own sister Pilot -beautiful and perfectly emerging mares PilicaPilar.



Pilot  (Fawor - Pipi)
fot. Stuart Vesty

 The decision to use Fawor was almost obvious to Janow breeders who have previously complied with more than 60 highly successful foals from his father. Already in the first vintage Probat mares gave so deserved as:

The 1983 yearbook also born three stallions, then qualified for breeding:

  • Alegro -very typical stallion, athletically built, Champion of the Netherlands used in Janow, Bialka and Kurozwęki, leased by stud Egholm (Denmark) and Vlasakker Arabians (Netherlands) was purchased by the latter; left stallions
  • Eurol(Polish Champion 1995, used in breeding private) and Angor (Polish Champion twice, used in the Michalow and private breeding);
  • Aleppo -Bialka used, sold Slovakian stud Topolcianky;
  • Piruet -extremely handsome representative of the famous Janów line,, P '', winner of many titles on foreign shows, leased and then sold you Pihlstrom (France);  




Piruet  (Probat - Pieczęć)
fot. archiwum stadniny
Piruet , but has not been used in Polish Stud, deserves attention because of its extraordinary success at shows. With the same ease he won titles as a young stallion, and after many years, starting in classes for the oldest stallions:

     1989 - European Champion, International Champion Bordeaux, Marseille International Champion, World Champion Horse at the Salon in Paris,
     1992 - World Champion Horse at the Salon in Paris,
     1995 - Champion of France in Pompadour, Moorsele European Champion, World Champion Horse at the Salon in Paris,
     1998 - Champion of Italy,
     in 1999 - European Champion in Verona, World Reserve Champion Stallion Horse at the Salon in Paris.
  but since PIRUET was praised by Polish stud .


Another attempt yearbooks foals were not worse. Already in 1984 was born the son of another, representing a valuable line,, P ''- Pamir -the most important next Fawor family continuer Kuhailan Afas a



Pamir  (Probat - Parma)


 Pamir is exceptionally handsome stallion and brave at the same time. On track for 11 races won 5 times, including in the Derby and the Prize Sambora. Two-time Polish Champion (1989, 1990) and the 1993 Polish Champion, is also a winner of the World Cup 1990 (Stockholm). Hid in Janow, Michaels and Bialka, producing offspring comely and brave. In Janow gave Derby winner and Polish National Champion stallion  Batyskaf -sold in 1997 to Turkey for the record, as in those years the price of USD 450,000. Also in Janow Pamir left stallion Alt,Sweden several times Reserve Champion and Reserve Blommeröd. However, in the Pamir Michaels left the mare of exceptional beauty- Emilda -Polish Junior Champion (1992), Polish National Reserve Champion (1996 and 1997), Reserve Champion Nations Cup (1999), Champion of Europe (1999) and Champion of Great Britain (2000). His son is also Gepard -Derby winner, the winner of Comparative Prize (1995), record the track and racing Horse of the Year in 1995

Apart from those mentioned earlier, Probat left in Janow another two stallions:
  • Borysław - Comet Award winner, and Comparative Michałow, used in Bialka and Michalow, as well as a private breeding;
  • Basiora -exported in 1987 to the United States. 
However, among the mare should still be mentioned:
  • Almeria -Reserve Champion Polish Youth (1985), sold in 1996 to the United States for US $ 55,000, which was then a very high price;
  • Pinia -great mare, mother, among others, Pianosa -Youth Champion and Best in Show with Białki (1999);
  • Algora -deserved mare, mother, among others, Polish National Reserve Champion Junior stallion Aslan;
  • Pistacja -Reserve Champion Polish Youth (1990) and the Polish National Reserve Champion twice (1993 and 1994). 
Probat restore lost among the Polish culture. But not only. Close to a hundred of his daughters and sons enrolled in culture meant that this stallion,, established epoch ''. Today it is hard to imagine michalowska and Janów horse without his descendants.



The value of Probat knew perfectly well not only Polish breeders. She could not get enough of it,, '' family Sweden, already in 1988, the famous American horse Lasma Arabians bought it for the staggering price of more than three million US dollars (according to various sources: 3.5 or 3.6 million). In the US stallion changed ownership twice - first went to Meadow Wood Farm, and the last years of his life were spent in Sherwood Forest Farm in California.

Probat has long suffered from osteoarthritis, lie down more often finding it increasingly difficult to get up. The owner provided him with loving care. In the end, however, he had to make the difficult decision to put the stallion. Probat passed away January 15, 2003 at the age of 28 years.
He was the pride and the pride of each stud, which was fortunate enough to host ...

Lidia Pawłowska, March 2003
















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