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                                              QR MARC  2005 ( Marwan Al Shaqab x Swete Dreams by Magic Dream) 

QR MARC  - AHR #615773

Foaled February 28, 2005. 
Bred by Vicki and Lou Doyle, USA. 
Imported to Belgium. 
Owned by Paul Gheysens, Knocke Arabians, Belgium 
2012 Salon du Cheval GOLD World Champion Senior Stallion
2012 All Nations Cup GOLD Champion Senior Stallion
2011 Salon du Cheval SILVER World Champion Senior Stallion
2010 Salon du Cheval SILVER World Champion Senior Stallion
2008 Salon du Cheval Reserve World Champion Junior Colt
2006 U.S. National Reserve Champion Yearling Colt




 QR Marc (US)  bay stallion, foaled 2005
breeder: Vicki L. & Louis F. Doyle, US 
sire line: Saklawi I 1886, b. Anazeh Ruala (B)
dam line: Samirah d.b. 1925
Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA) Anaza El Farid (US) Ruminaja Ali (US)
Bint Deenaa (US)
Kajora (US) Kaborr (US)
Edjora (SE)
Little Liza Fame (US) Fame VF (US) Bey Shah (US)
Raffoleta-Rose (US)
Katahza (US) Aza Destiny (US)
Afhar Rahza (US)
Swete Dreams (US) Magic Dream (CA) Ali Jamaal (US) Ruminaja Ali (US)
Heritage Memory (US)
The Dreamspinner (CA) Aristo Kossak (US)
Myrilinan Acledo (US)
Kouream de Ment (US) Kouros (US) Marhaba (NL)
Kissie (US)
Rawhides Amenda (US) Bagdad of Rawhide (US)
Rawhides Nakota (US)

 The QR Marc story is one that has been told well, and told often, through the pages of this magazine. This 2005 stallion is one that has consistently impressed me over the years and he has proved himself time and time again, both in the show-ring and as a sire. For Marc to take the Leading Sire Award at the Paris World Championships was a special moment for not only Paul and Ria Gheysens, owners of QR Marc and Knocke Arabians, but for everyone involved with this special horse.

First, a potted history of Marc’s story: bred in the US by Vicki and Lou Doyle from Quail Ridge Arabians, QR Marc is sired by three-time World Champion Marwan Al Shaqab (Gazal Al Shaqab x Little Liza Fame by Fame VF out of Katahza) and is out of Swete Dreams (Magic Dream x Kouream de Ment by Kouros out of Rawhides Amenda). Purchased as a foal by Rohara Arabians, QR Marc took both the Unanimous Region 14 Sweepstakes Yearling Colt and the US Nationals Reserve Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Colt titles in 2006.


QR Marc in Menton

 The following year, Paul first saw QR Marc and, recognising his potential, and purchased him and brought him to Europe where he became the chief sire at Knocke Arabians. His first show for the stud was the 2008 inaugural Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival, now the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz International Arabian Horse Festival, and he won his class with ease before taking the Gold Junior Male Championship in some style.

Marc’s focus was then on the breeding barn and there he excelled, which I will cover shortly. In 2012, Marc entered his crowning year as he won Gold at every show that he went to – the Abu Dhabi International Arabian Horse Show, the Dubai International Arabian Horse Show, the All Nations’ Cup and, having been Reserve World Champion as both a junior and a senior, Marc then achieved the highest accolade of all as he was garlanded World Champion Stallion.


Equator was also a class winner in Paris last year.


 Equator (PL)  bay stallion, foaled 2010
breeder: Michałów Stud, PL 
sire line: Saklawi I 1886, b. Anazeh Ruala (B)
dam line: Milordka ~1810, b. Sławuta (PL)
QR Marc (US) Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA) Anaza El Farid (US)
Kajora (US)
Little Liza Fame (US) Fame VF (US)
Katahza (US)
Swete Dreams (US) Magic Dream (CA) Ali Jamaal (US)
The Dreamspinner (CA)
Kouream de Ment (US) Kouros (US)
Rawhides Amenda (US)
Ekliptyka (PL) Ekstern (PL) Monogramm (US) Negatraz (US)
Monogramma (SU)
Ernestyna (PL) Piechur (PL)
Erwina (PL)
Ekspozycja (PL) Eukaliptus (PL) Bandos (PL)
Eunice (PL)
Esperanca (PL) Set (PL)
Espaniola (PL)


Those watching the show then should have known that it would only be a matter of time before QR Marc was named Leading Sire in Paris. That same year he went Gold, his progeny also proved themselves. Wieza Mocy (ex Wieza Marzen by Ekstern out of Wiazma by Arbil) took the Gold Junior Female World Championship, having already taken the European Championship earlier that year. She has since gone on to sweep all before her in the United States, winning in Scottsdale, Las Vegas and the US Nationals. In the Junior Male Championship, Equator (ex Ekliptyka by Ekstern out of Ekspozycja by Eukaliptus) took the Silver title, having been Bronze Champion in 2011. He, too, has gone on to shine, and is now on lease to Aljassimya Farm of Qatar, but located in the United States. Across the 2012 Junior Championships, QR Marc sired five of the World Top Tens including Knocke Arabians’ own  Emerson KA (ex Elerina by Ekstern out of Emantka by Eukaliptus), Orfa D’Arab KA (ex OSO Axotica by Monogramm out of Algoda by Gokart) , PAVOROTTO KA ( ex Palanga by Ekstern) , Emerald j ( ex Emandoria by Gazal) , Equiborn Ka ( ex Espadrilla by Monogramm)  and Espressivo (ex Emocja by Monogramm out of Emigracja by Palas).
Indeed, the intent for QR Marc’s abilities as a leading sire had been evident in Poland for many years. In 2010, the first progeny made their way into the show-ring and took home three titles. Zigi Zana (ex Zagrobla by Monogramm out of Zguba by Enrilo) was named Poland Gold Junior Female Champion; in 2013, she would be named Silver Senior Female Champion. Also in 2010, Piacenza (ex Primawera by Emigrant out of Premiera by Piechur) stood Bronze Junior Female Champion and Pogrom (ex Petla by Visbaden out of Petra by Pepton) took the Silver Junior Male Championship. He would go on to attain Gold Junior Male Champion in 2011 before going to the US. There, he achieved a host of titles, including the Gold Senior Male crown at the Arabian Breeders’ World Cup. Returning to Poland, he took the Silver Senior Male title in 2014. These horses, as well as those mentioned before, represent just a few of Marc’s success in Poland and it is noteworthy that between 2010 and 2014, QR Marc progeny took 16 champion titles at the Polish National Show. 


Orfa D’Arab KA won her class at the 2015 Paris World Championships and was named Best Moving Mare.


 Orfa D'Arab K.A. (BE)  chestnut mare, foaled 2010
breeder: Knocke Arabians, BE 
sire line: Saklawi I 1886, b. Anazeh Ruala (B)
dam line: Sahara d.b. ~1840, b. Arabia, imp. 1845 Jarczowce (PL)
QR Marc (US) Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA) Anaza El Farid (US)
Kajora (US)
Little Liza Fame (US) Fame VF (US)
Katahza (US)
Swete Dreams (US) Magic Dream (CA) Ali Jamaal (US)
The Dreamspinner (CA)
Kouream de Ment (US) Kouros (US)
Rawhides Amenda (US)
OSO Axotica (US) Monogramm (US) Negatraz (US) Bask (PL)
Negotka (US)
Monogramma (SU) Knippel (SU)
Monopolia (SU)
Algoda (SE) Gokart (PL) Partner (PL)
Gomora (PL)
Al-Mida (SE) Dardir (PL)
Mimikra (PL)


However, those that follow the showing results know that the Polish QR Marc progeny represent just a small amount of his success as a sire. Rohara Arabians in the US have had continued success with their QR Marc sons and daughters but it is at Knocke Arabians itself where so many of the great show-ring winners in Europe can be found.
From among Marc’s first foal crop for the farm was the 2009 stallion, Espressivo (ex Emocja by Monogramm out of Emigracja by Palas). I have loved this stallion since he was a foal, and he truly is a look-alike version of his sire. His titles include Reserve Junior Male Champion at Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival. Espressivo is now proving his worth as a sire and he remains one of Marc’s most charismatic progeny.
Also from that first foal crop was the feminine grey filly Gazella (ex Greta by Pesal out of Girlanda by Eukaliptus), Gold Junior Female Championship at the 2012 Citti di Salena Show in Italy. The flamboyant grey stallion Panthos KA (ex Palanga by Ekstern out of Panika by Eukaliptus), Silver Junior Male Champion title at the 2012 West Coast Cup, was also foaled in 2009.
The cross of QR Marc with FS Magnums Madonna (Magnum Psyche x Tai Bey Brittney by Bey Shah out of Tanzeers Valentine) has also been well recorded in these pages. This has been a golden cross for Paul and Ria, with the first foals born in 2010. The chestnut Magnums Tulip and Marc’s Star and Magnums Rose, both bays, have been the poster girls for Knocke Arabians since they were foals. Indeed, Marc’s Star would become Knocke Arabians’ first homebred major title holder as she took the European Junior Female Championship in 2011, when just a yearling. Magnums Tulip was Gold Junior Female title at the 2011 UK International Arabian Horse Show, as well as Reserve Junior Female Champion at the Arabian Masters in Bordeaux, the St Tropez Breeders’ Cup and the West Coast Cup. Returning to the ring in 2015, she took home the Silver Champion Mare title at the Emerald Trophy.
The 2013 colt Marius Madonna KA has regularly been placed at the top of the line in classes and in championships at shows across Europe. In 2015, he was awarded the Bronze Belgium National Champion title as well as the coveted Trophée Espoir at Menton, a prize awarded to the most promising European horse. Meanwhile, the 2014 filly, Magnolia KA was the 2015 Reserve Belgium National Champion.
Looking away from this cross, the enchanting Penelope KA (ex Polonia by Ekstern out of Pasja by Wojslaw) was sold to Al Thumama Stud in Qatar. With them, she took the Gold European Junior Female Championship in Verona last year, winning her class and title with great aplomb.
Others of note include Nadira KA (ex CN Neville by Delmar x AF Golena by Negorni), now a two-year-old filly who took many titles and wins in her yearling year, including the Belgium National Championship. Her full brother, the stallion, Newton KA, took the Senior Male title at the same show, to add to his many titles. This is a lovely line and there is more to come from these two horses, the beautiful and feminine Nadira especially.
Finally, we have the darling of the show-ring and a personal favourite, the aforementioned Orfa D’Arab KA. This graceful six-year-old chestnut mare has won classes across Europe, including at the All Nations’ Cup and a phenomenal win in Paris, beating the great Wieza Mocy, who placed third. Orfa is feminine and refined, and it is hoped that she soon gets the titles that she so very much deserves.
In Paris last November, QR Marc sired three class winners in Orfa D’Arab KA, Equiborn KA and Equator, which translated into two World Top Tens – Orfa and Wieza Mocy – and two Silver Champions, for Equiborn and Equator. With that, QR Marc took the Leading Sire Trophy, held for so long by his sire, Marwan Al Shaqab. With the next generation ready to make its way into the show-ring this year, it is hoped that this is a result that will be repeated. Congratulations to QR Marc – truly, the king of the world! 




(QR Marc x Palanga by Ekstern )
2010 Purebred Grey Stallion


2011 Bordeaux (FR) 1er Class Jr Colts 1 year old (7 horses)

2011 Bordeaux (FR) GOLD Junior Male Championship

2011 Emerald Trophy  International B-Show GOLD Junior Male Championship

2011 Belgian Nationals Bronze JUNIOR COLTS

2012 Belgian Nationals  Champ class Colts 2 years

2012 Belgian Nationals SILVER JUNIOR COLTS

2013 Orientalica (DE) , internationale B-Schau  Champ class Colts 3 years

2013 Orientalica (DE) , internationale B-Schau SILVER- Junior Male Championship

2015 Region 12 Champion Stallion

2015 Region 14 Champion Stallion

2015 US Nationals Top Five  Arabian Stallion

2016 Region 12 Champion Stallion 

2017 Region 12- Arabian Country Pleasure Driving, Reserve Champion



(QR Marc x Palanga by Ekstern )

2010 Purebred Grey Stallion 2017 Region 12-

Arabian Country Pleasure Driving, Reserve Champion
















Equiborn KA

Equiborn KA
A rising star in Europe, Equiborn KA has consistently turned heads since he first stepped into a show-ring as a yearling. Foaled in 2012, Equiborn offers a complete package as a show horse, and with his first foals being born, as well as his double Silver World Champion status, he is sure to be a horse that stays on many peoples ‘watch list’ as 2016 goes by.
A son of QR Marc, Equiborn is out of Espadrilla, herself a daughter of the great Monogramm (Negatraz x Monogramma by Knippel out of Monopolia), a 1985 World and US National Champion stallion famed for his terrific movement and incredible daughters. Espadrilla’s dam is the ethereal Emanacja, sired by Eukaliptus (Bandos x Eunice by Comet out of Epigona), a daughter in turn of the Polish Mare of the Century, Emigracja (Palas x Emisja by Carycyn out of Espada). Emigracja was one of the most amazing horses ever to grace the Polish State Studs, and mares from this line are eagerly sought after.
Truly bred in the purple, Equiborn brings together the great qualities of the QR Marc line with the Polish grace that only this ‘E’ line can. And the fact that, in just a few steps, Equiborn’s pedigree goes back to such greats as Bandos, Comet, Negatraz and so on all adds to his charisma. 


Equiborn KA was both a class winner and Silver Junior Male Champion in Paris last November

From the off, Equiborn has impressed. He is his sire, but in grey, and it was as a yearling that he took his first major titles. His first Gold came at the Emerald Trophy in 2013, and he followed this up with Silver at the West Coast Cup. A second place in Aachen surely paved the way for the Paris World Championships 2015, where he took the Silver Yearling Male World title.
A class win in Menton followed in his two-year old year, as did a Bronze World Junior Male title. 2015 saw Equiborn enter the ring as a three-year old and he took the Gold Junior Male Championship title in Chantilly and then Bronze at the All Nations’ Cup, Aachen. In spite of winning his class at the European Championships in Verona, Equiborn was unplaced in the championship. However, come Paris, his superior type saw him win his class and he would again take his third World Championship title in as many years, as he claimed a second Silver.
“I am very happy with Equiborn,” said Paul while in Paris. “Marc did not win his world title until he was seven years old, and I think that Equiborn will be the same. I do not like to rush him, he has so much to offer, and he is a great example of how dynamic the Marc sons are. We are thrilled with what our homebred stallion has achieved so far.”
Equiborn is entering the senior classes this year. It will be interesting to see what happens next in his story, not least as his progeny are now also making their way into the show-ring. – this is a family that is making their mark on the Arabian horse industry, and I have a feeling that the best is yet to come. 



 Equiborn K.A. (BE)  grey stallion, foaled 2012
breeder: Knocke Arabians, BE 
sire line: Saklawi I 1886, b. Anazeh Ruala (B)
dam line: Milordka ~1810, b. Sławuta (PL)
QR Marc (US) Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA) Anaza El Farid (US)
Kajora (US)
Little Liza Fame (US) Fame VF (US)
Katahza (US)
Swete Dreams (US) Magic Dream (CA) Ali Jamaal (US)
The Dreamspinner (CA)
Kouream de Ment (US) Kouros (US)
Rawhides Amenda (US)
Espadrilla (PL) Monogramm (US) Negatraz (US) Bask (PL)
Negotka (US)
Monogramma (SU) Knippel (SU)
Monopolia (SU)
Emanacja (PL) Eukaliptus (PL) Bandos (PL)
Eunice (PL)
Emigracja (PL) Palas (SU)
Emisja (PL)




La Majesté de QR Marc mots 
par Samantha Mattocks

                                                                                                The name of QR Marc is the one who is known in the world. A champion and father of champions, this charismatic 11-year-old bay stallion has been the one who has pierced Arab pastoralists around the world for more than a decade. Bred in the United States by Lou and Vicki Doyle from Quail Ridge Arabians, QR Marc very Belgium calls home. There he is proudly owned by Paul and Ria Gheysens of Knocke Arabians, and he is from that peaceful part of the world that the impact of QR Marc is rumored - with tantalizing results.I think it's fair to say that QR Marc was always going to captivate people. His pedigree assured that. As you look back by his family, are some of the most famous and admired names in the world at every step. While Mark is by Marwan Al sired Shaqab (Gazal Al Shaqab x Little Liza Fame by Fame VF) One of the most important stallions in modern breeding, it is well worth coming back over - for a horse does not make a big line; rather, it is a combination of several layers. QR Marc's father's line is one of the most revered in history, dating back to the 1934 Nazeer straight Egyptian stallion (Mansour x Bint Samiha by Kazmeen), a horse whose influence continues to be felt in the world whole, and not just limited to Egyptian circles, whatever. The son of Nazeer, Morafic (ex Mabrouka by Sid Abouhom on Moniet El NEFOUS) is influential in QR Marc's paternal lineage, is the father of two Shaikh Al Badi (ex Bint Maisa El Saghira by Nazeer on Maisa) And also Khofo ( ex Nabilahh by Anter on Farasha), the father at the turn of the sea outstanding Bint Magidaa (ex Magidaa by Alaa El Din on Maysa). Bint Magidaa was covered by Shaikh Al Badi in 1975 and the following year, Ruminaja Ali arrived in the world. This is a line that repeats itself if His mother, with Ruminaja Ali as grand grand grandire on both sides of the pedigree of QR Marc. This line is significant not only in the male line of QR Marc but well the world, as Ruminaja Ali covered the Ansata Ibn Halima (Nazeer x Halima by Sheikh Al Arab) daughter Bint Deenaa (ex Deenaa by Sameh on Dahma II) and the 1988 result was the last straight legendary Egyptian stallion bay Anaza El Farid. Crusaders with the Polish Kajora Sea (Kaborr x Edjora by Exelsjor), the resulting colt was world champion Gazal Al Shaqab, a living legend whose sons and grandsons continued to capture the heart and imagination of the world, while his daughters he charmed and captivated. A new influx of Polish lines across the sea Liza Fame soon end (ex Katahza by Aza Destin of Afhar Rahza) Followed. His father was the American national champion Fame VF, himself son of Bey Shah (Bay El Bey x Star of Ofir by Bask Llana) and sea Crabbet / Gainey Raffoleta-Rose (x Raffon Leta Rose by Gamaar). When little Liza Fame was crossed with Gazal Al Shaqab, the result was the three-time world champion Marwan Al Shaqab, a horse who continues to captivate at age 16.To look at the maternal line of QR Marc, again once, we see the influence of Ruminaja Ali, this time by his famous son Ali Jamaal (formerly patrimony of Heritage by El Magato Heritage Labelle) .

There is also a new infusion of Polish and Gainey blood by the sea, the Dreamspinner. She is the grandson Bask Aristo Kossak (Ariston x Four Winds Kalifa by Cytrys) and the granddaughter Naborr Myrilinan Acledo (Gay-Adventure x Jem Mar Amyri by Comar Azamyr). Ali Jamaal and Dreamspinner were bred together in 1991 and the result was the Magic Dream CAHR deep bay stallion, multiple champion in Canada and the United States, and now based in South Africa. The last line is the dam of QR Marc, Swete Dreams, a chestnut sea spawned by Magic Dream and Kouream of Ment (Kouros x Rawhides Amenda by Rawhide Baghdad on rawhides Nakota), which brings a flavor of Spanish Arab lineages. QR Marc became an overnight sensation the moment he was born in California, and it was a race against time to see who reached, and bought, that superlative first foal. It would be Roxann Hart from Rohara at Orange Arabians Lake, Fla., Who first bought QR Marc and raced him, propelling him to a global internship in the process. During his stay in Rohara, QR Marc also made his show-ring debut, winning the 2006 Region 14 Unanimous Yearling Colt Reserve Champion titles and the 2006 US Nationals Breeders Colt Contest. It was two years old Marc's This year Paul Gheysens first met this young colt. Paul instantly saw his potential and bought him. QR Marc was brought to Europe, and he has been Paul Jacobians own father at Knocke since. first Marc QR show for Knocke was the first Arabians at the Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival in 2008 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The world fell silent like this beautiful foal in the ring, and QR Marc left with what would be the first of many gold championship titles. From that moment on, his name was synonymous with success. For the rest of 2008, Marc QR has been running a campaign all over Europe. He took the junior men's Elran Cup Championship in Belgium and finished the year as the World Junior Men's Reserve Champion in Paris. The next two seasons saw the attention of Marc QR firmly focused on the breeding barn. As well as raising mares to the famous Knocke and Arabian private breeders, the young stallion was also used at the Polish State Stud of Janow Podlaski and Michalow, and he made a terrible impression on the mares there. Just a few of the offspring successfully born it includes World Champion Zigi Zana (formerly Zagrobla by Monogram of zGuba), multiple Pleasure champion (ex Primawera by Emigrant on Premiera) Pogrom (ex Petla by Visbaden of Petra) and Wieza mocy ( ex Wieza Marzen by Ekstern of Viazma), both champions in the United States and Europe, and also Ecuador (ex Ekliptyka by Ekstern on Ekspozycja), a world champion and now a double champion in the United States. At Knocke Arabians, the results of QR Marc in the breeding barn were equally impressive, especially Polish mares that Paul and Ria like so much. Among the QR Marc threads, there is EXPRESSIVO KA (ex EMOCJA by Monogram of EMIGRACJA), Reserve Junior Men's Champion at Al Khalediah Arab Horse Festival; Panthos KA (formerly Palanga by Ekstern on Panika), Emanos KA (formerly Emantka by Eukaliptus de emäntä), male bronze. Junior Champion in Dubai International Arab Horse Championships; Pavorotto KA (formerly Palanga), Junior Men's Gold Champion in the final of the Deauville Breeders' Cup; and Equiborn KA (ex espadrille by Emancja Monogram), double world silver champion as junior.The girls were just as beautiful, including the incredible Black Sea FS Magnums Madonna (Magnum Psyche x Tai Brittney by Bey Bey Shah) Whose complete This pedigree of QR Marc so well. His daughters with Marc include European Champion Junior Female Star Marc; Tulip Magnum, which has been so successful in the show-ring; and Rose Magnum. Other QR Marc girls on the farm includes Magenta KA (ex Migracja by Gazal Al Shaqab on Mandala); Penelope KA (former Poland by Ekstern de Pasja), since sold and current European Champion Junior Female; The Arab Orfa KA (formerly OCO Axotica by Monogram of Algoda), which has won so many titles; Nadira and KA (ex CN Neville by Delmar on floodplain AF) Filly gold champion in Bruges.Having turned out to be father, QR Marc made a highly anticipated return to the show-ring in 2012, an event that took place with the collaboration of Dubai Arabian Horse Stud. Mark's first two shows were in the Middle East - the Abu Dhabi National Championships and the Dubai International Arab Horse Championships - and, led by Paul Capecci, he left both shows with the senior men's gold title. From there, called Europe and QR Marc went to the Cup of All Nations at Aachen, Gold Claiming another championship title. There was just a show for the left QR Marc This year the World Championships in Paris where he had been booked three times. 2012, however, was Mark's QR year and he was untouchable - not only did he take the title of world champion stallion, but also his offspring had an incredible show: Wieza mocy took the junior gold medal Women's World Championship in Ecuador has been named Men's Silver Junior World Champion; QR Marc sired five World Top Tens in the junior championships, including Knocke Emerson's own Arabians KA (formerly Elerina by Ekstern on Emantka), the incredible Arab Orfa KA, and Expressif. While QR Marc has retired from the show-ring, his offspring continue to excel in the show-ring and, last year in Paris at the World Championships, QR Marc was named Leading Sire, a great honor for Paul and Ria, and the recognition worthy of all that this young stallion has reached. Equiborn, in particular, helped his father in that capacity that he took his second silver World Championship title, and it's only a matter of time before Equiborn takes a worthy Paris gold. focuses on the story of QR Marc, and his offspring born between his arrival in Europe and his glorious World Championship 2012. More in-depth features will follow in future editions, and the offspring of this magnificent stallion will be examined in more detail. However, with the season of shows going on here in Europe, we can expect to see QR offspring Marc has continued to shine in the ring. There is still a lot more to come from this stallion, and I can not wait to see what the next months and years bring.










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