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TOM ARABIANS Arabians Horses Polish



                                           Lidia and Wieslaw Pawłowscy, November 2002




Bay, ar. 1971, Stud. Janów Podlaski
Sire Line: Kuhailan Haifi
Dam Line: Mlecha



Arabic 2002 racing season at Służewiec was marked by invincible Savvannah,which in style ahead of rivals, always impressing in the final straight supply of strength and confidence of victory.


Savvannah  (Monarch AH x Sarmacja)
fot. Wiesław Pawłowski in 2000



Why such a phenomenon? To answer this question, you must go back to 1933, when the state Paulina and Stanislaw Żarczewscy started on his estate in Opłytnej in Lviv region, breeding Arabian horses. Among the first mares were purchased two full sisters Mabrucha & Safta -bred stud Anthony Volk-Łaniewskiego in Bronicach. Both were behind race training. Mabrucha returned to the track as the winner of the Oaks (1932). Safta, admittedly did not win any of the major races, but ran for three seasons until and on the track she wrote at least good - 3/23 (5-4-4). In 1939 Safta (like Mabrucha) was covered with a stallion Miecznik.Born as a result of this matching grey Sabda became the founder of the precious family. On the war to the stud in the New Manor gave there seven foals.


Of the three of her daughters, Salwa, Sakwa & Sabellina,which initiated sublines still continued in Polish culture, without a doubt, the most valuable was a Sabellina. She gave it the beginning of an extraordinary family, which are characterized by a prominent horse racing predispositions. Behind the phenomenon on a global scale considered is the fact that this family already includes six successive generations of the classic race winning mare (Oaks or Derby).

First Generation - Sabellina


Young Sabellina training took place on the track racing in Sopot. In summer 1958 years taking care of the stables, where she stayed, took Mr. Zenon Lipowicz who recalls:
...This mare,, complained about the lack of appetite and was in a very poor condition. It was hard to expect good results from it on the track, even though she had an excellent and unique action gallop nervous system. All the free moments I spent with her, grazing her on the lawn and giving the hominoid sugar cubes. After a few weeks of its being and condition have improved substantially and the mare was referred to the classic races Oaks and Derby. ''


In both races Sabellina enjoyed victory. In total, during the two years of training, she won 5 times, and once was the second time - the third. Thus gave the start of an extraordinary series of ...

Sabellina  (Abu Afas x Sabda)
fot. z archiv Stud
After training Sabellina returned to New Court, where he gave the first foal - SANTA . SANTA father was Czort - two-time winner of Comparative Awards (1952, 1954), the son of FORTA, the founder of the family of another famous racehorses. This is a very successful, as it turned out, the call was repeated 6 times more - already in Janow Podlaski, where horses were moved from the closed stud in New Manor. By 1969, when it was sold to the USA, Sabellina gave 10 foals. Most of them proved to be the dividend on the track.

Second generation progeny - Sabellina

First daughter Sabellina - SANTA already mentioned - in 1964 repeated the success of his mother, winning Oaks and Derby. In addition, Fetish Award and won three other races - 2/9 (6-1-0). Third - SALA - ran very well, but not enough to win the same age ORLA phenomenal. The fourth daughter, SIMONE did not ran on the track, but still in Janow are derived from the mares. In 1968, the fifth offspring SABELLINA by  CZORT, SABBAT stallion won the Derby and two other races. After a brief use of the native culture was sold abroad.

His full brother SAMBOR was exported to the United States at the age of 3 years. There was a success, winning among others Racehorse US Championships and the International Derby (Oklahoma City, 1969). Mr. Zenon Lipowicz, remembers the first start SAMBOR overseas:

     ,, Handikaperzy signal path and held him in public do not trust too much. Sambor startmaszyny walked with a slight delay, but at half the distance ahead of the rate of nine competitors and won easily by 15 lengths! In the stands deathly silence followed, and few people ran to the windows tote oderbać high winning. ''

Sambor was marked not only bravery, but also beauty - winning championships in utility classes (Park Horse and Angielski Pleasure) and halter classes. He also received the Legion of Merit title.


Sambor  (Czort x Sabellina)
fot. z archiv stud


He became the founder of the strongest line-breeding farm in the horse racing industry in the United States. Stallions of this dynasty were the fathers of both race winners and national champions. Son SAMBOR Samsheik,

Champion Sprinter UK, you should also establish in 1992, a record price for Arabian horse racing - 557 thousand. USD.

At the end of the last millennium magazine,, Arabian Horse World '' has prepared a summary in which the top ten sires Arabian racehorses was Sambor (4th place) and two of his sons - pur- Polish
Samtyr, US Champion (2nd place) and Sam Tiki (7). It is worth noting that Samtyra ahead in this ranking only Janów-bred  WIKING (1st place), and before Sambor (3rd place) came in phenomenal son of the Viking
, Monarch AH - A family Sabelliny.Sabellinę, zaźrebioną the seventh time the devil, bought in 1969 by then-Governor of New Mexico, John Simms. It was covered only stud stallion Bask.From these matings were born five foals. Without a doubt, the best of them turned out to be dark bay EW Sabaska,also regarded as the best pure Polish daughter Bask. EW Sabaska won titles in 1974 US National Top Ten Mare, US National Reserve Champion Mare Futirity, Canadian National Top Ten Mare and the Legion of Merit, and a year later was Champion Mare in Scottsdale. her daughter EW Rema, successfully combined with several Michałów-bred Melon, among other things, gave an outstanding track HT Sarah 4/30 (18-8-2), which in that edition,, Arabian Horse World '' was ranked in 6th place among the best of all Arabian racehorses (total prize money of USD 251 989). Sabellina built overseas branch of your family strong, reinforced by its Polish descendants imported into the US in the later years. But back to the Polish,, trunk 'family.



Third generation progeny - SALA and SANTA


SALA, the same beauty ziwsza SANTA from his sister, gave the young brave, but not very nice. her daughter Samarrawon the Oaks, Nagrogę Comparative (1973), and three other races. Ran on the track until 4 seasons, but has not been used in breeding purebred. From young, I replaced the Hall of extremely durable Sarta,who in 1980 won the award Janow and 1983 - Comparative. The winners of the Awards Janow  was also SALAR (1974). daughter SALA Szalka,when exported to the US gave, inter alia, the stallion NF Proof,outstanding racehorse 4/22 (14-5-1) and respected sire, who won a total of 191.253 USD.


SANTA was much more valuable than his sister. Her first son Sanos won the Derby (1974). In contrast, only daughter Santa, comela, chestnut Sasank arepeated the success racing grandmother and mother. Unbeaten as a four year old won the Derby, Oaks, Comparative Award (Triple-gaining the title) and the Prize of Janow, Skowronek, Witez and Comet. Within two years, as many as 10 times was the first - 2/14 (10-0-2-2). After returning to the stud, by their brave and beautiful daughter of a family Sabellina strengthened.

Sasanka  (Almifar x Santa)
fot. Marian Gadzalski


Fourth generation progeny - Sasanka


In Janow Sasanka gave 6 daughters - all very comely. Among them, the three united beauty with exceptional bravery.SarenkaDerby and won the prize Janow, and Oaks was second, due to a failure of the neck succumbing jockey winning Alwerna. As a four year old also won three other races.  Saszetkaexactly copied the success of their female ancestors, winning the Derby and Oaks. Sabellina won a prize and was second in the races for the prize and the prize Witeź Janow (which was his talented peers, Pepton).A total of 11 starts 6 times was the first - 2/11 (6-3-0-1). Sanna- If dually for deer - won easily Oaks, while in Derby, after all straight fight lasted, was about his neck Traf.


Saszetka  (Etap x Sasanka)
fot. Stuart Vesty


In Polish culture Pasque line extended, as it turned out, only Saszetka. Doe and Sanna but have been sold to the US, and their descendants, did not disappoint breeders and checked out on the track. Was doing well especially deer grandson, stallion  Zanzibar MRV 5/36 (10-12-7),

who won a total of 135 420 USD.

Also went to the United States alone Sasanka. In 1981 he bought the well-known American breeder Armand Hammer. In his stud Oxy Arabians gave two daughters
AH Rhapsodyn BlueAH Singularityand Stallion  Monarch AH. Full sister Sanny, AH Rhapsodyn Blue 3/15 (3-6-1) won, among other things IAHA Oaks, continuing the family tradition. And the last foal, colt only from Sasanki - Monarch AH bay - it is a story in itself. The ready without a mother, on the bottle, grew into a well-built, but a slight increase in (150 cm) stallion. Building did not look like the ideal racing folbluciego,, ''. He had, however - as you mention Thomas Skotnicki - steel tendons, a deep chest pierwsiową, excellent shoulder, strong hindquarters and strong, but not too thick neck. As it turned out after the first of his starts, he had a huge heart for the fight. Description races 1 and 1/16 of a mile, which competed Monarch is worth quoting, if only because that just unfolded and are playing the other horses racing Sabellina family.


,, ... starting with the furthest from kanatu, 12 positions in the company of the best three year olds, it was in the first corner far behind the rate and up to 3/4 of the distance does not lead him even television cameras, so he was away from the front. Suddenly, after the first mile turned his great overdrive and numbered walking on batach rivals before finishing calmly and Samsheik By Golly, stallions purchased by Arab sheiks for heavy oil dollars. ''
Monarch AH 3/23 (19-3-0) as a versatile horse racing - winning both leading from start to finish, as well as controlling the race from the second or third position to then beautifully spurt. He could also overcome long distances, starting from late position. American track regulars know the characteristic silhouette MONACH,dual finishes with raised Arabic tail. During his starts Monarch AH won awards with a total value of 213 646 USD..

Monarch AH  (Wiking x Sasanka)
fot. Johnny Johnston


In conclusion, the magazine,, Arabian Horse World '' Monarch took third place among the ten best Arabian racehorse breeders and tenth among the best racehorses. Monarch to the offspring, in addition to the characteristic beauty, perfect character and the will collapses.


Fifth generation progeny - Saszetka


Saszetka in its 23-year life, gave in Janow 10 foals, including as many as 7 mares. In the first place you need to undoubtedly replac Sarmacja,which repeated the success of four predecessors, triumphed in the Oaks and Derby. As a three year old won awards Koheilan and Sambora, and as a four year old to victory in the classic races added Janow and won awards in Europe and second in the Comparative. 10 starts up to 8 times passed as the first run - 2/10 (8-1-1-0). None of the siblings of Sarmatia has not led to even similar success on the track. However, the half-sister of Sarmatia also deserve to maternal stud.

Sarmacja  (Gil x Saszetka)
fot. Edyta Trojańska

Beautiful Sasza,

Sold as a young mare, had not left the country successor. Was twice British Champion (1993, 1995), augmenting his reasons to be proud breeders and new owners. Comely, female Sabawas sold at auction in 2002, leaving outside ogierkami only one, but promising mare, Sabina.The other daughter Saszetka, very different in type  Sawantka & Samoa, have recently been incorporated into the broodmares.


Sixth generation progeny - Saba and Sarmacja


The first foal Saba, stallion Salut (Pepton )within three years of training on the track raced 22 times, including 18 times he was spotted space (IV), and 5 times won. The only daughter Saba , Sabina because of an accident on the track did not finish the workout. At the age of three years returned to the stud and was incorporated into the broodmares. Of the three sons of Saba should also distinguish the young, handsome Salar, Reserve Champion Stallion show in Warsaw (2002), which in 2003 will begin training on the track only.

Racing line extended most priceless Sarmacja. Had first foal, stallion
Sarmata(after the great rival grandmother - Pepton) high hopes of negotiations that will add to the long list of successful racing his family. Unfortunately, an accident on the training track eliminated him from the fight. But after the sale to Brazil, Sarmataa won the title of National Champion Stallion of the country - the third story, captured by Polish stallion (and the Janów) breeding - after Ibn Bandos (1986) & Polonez (1991).


Turned out to be a real gem but Sarmata half-sister, Savvannah -Monarch AH daughter phenomenal. This balanced, bay mare during his three year career on the track spillover racing enthusiasts and those skilled unforgettable experience. When you look at the descriptions of some of its winning races, you have to compare them to the listed names victories Sambor and Monarch.

Savvannah  (Monarch AH x Sarmacja)
fot. Edyta Twaróg


As a three year old 6 starts only once was the second, and won, among other things Koheilan I Award, an international prize przedderbowy test proteins and three year olds - Award Sambora. The next season began as the so-called. winter favorite, Derby. Won the Ophir Award. Unfortunately, trainer and jockey errors resulted in the distant, as its capabilities in places - the fourth (the Comet Award) and third (in Janow Prize). Only change jockeys and trainers (3 weeks before the Derby) has been improved. Savvannah in style has made fighting the Blue Ribbon, but passed the finish line as the second. In the next, a difficult race for the prize of Europe was also the second (of the neck). Then they did not give anyone victory, winning the Oaks and Comparative. Thus extended to six generations of the phenomenal mare racing line. As a five-year plan was unbeaten, winning OFIR  Award, KABARET , FIGARO , Europe and Michałow. A total of 18 starts (15 in races outside the group), won 13 races (11 in races outside the group)), the second was 3 times (2), the third - 1 time (1), the fourth - 1 time (1).

Savvannah returned to the stables, where he joined his mother Sarmacja and her two younger sisters, Sawantka and Samoa - and Sabina, daughter Saba. Three mares,, fifth generation '' and two sixth,, '' - will ensure the continuation of family worthy Sabellina


Lidia i Wiesław Pawłowscy, listopad 2002



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